About Ramin

Ramin is a self-taught impressionist artist, poet, and nature lover who has lived his life around motorcycles from an early age. He studied mechanical engineering, but his soul has been continually inspired by nature and art. His motorcycle art work today is created digitally by using his finger tip or occasionally a stylus on iPad or iPhone. His sketches are inspired by his memories of the motorcycle era of the 70’s and 80’s and engendered by his creative visualization.


Born on July 16, 1960 in a middle class family in Tehran, Iran, Ramin has lived his life full throttle pursuing his passions through social experiences, art, sports, nature, and motorcycles. Ramin’s father was an avid mountaineer and had a profound affinity for nature. His mom was a school teacher with a powerful passion for life who later became Ramin’s best life friend after Ramin lost his father in a tragic car accident in 1971. Ramin barely survived the crash but his 23 days old brother suffered from a severe brain damage that led to his death at the age of six. In retrospect, these factors may have attributed to why he has lived his life the way he has.

Despite his family’s emphasis on the academics, Ramin has always sought every opportunity to exercise his artistic talent. Drawing became his main outlet to express his emotions and socio-political views. His drawings depict a clear image of his life journey.


At age 11, a year after he lost his father, his mom bought him his first motorcycle, a Peugeot scooter. After developing his basic riding skills on that moped, he got his first driving machine; a 1972 60 cc Mini Yamaha JT. Influenced intensely by the 1970’s American Motocross Epic era, this bike transformed his riding passion from the road to dirt. Ramin modified his little bike to look and sound like a real dirt bike, and he rode it past its maximum performance limits. In 1974, he purchased his first official motocross, a Yamaha MX 125. Those days in Iran, the mainstream motocross market was dominated by Honda and Yamaha. Occasionally, you’d see a Montesa, Maico, Husqvarna or Thumper Ducati. Motocross culture was starting to gradually boom in Iran, and legends like Roger De Coster, Marty Smith and Bob Hannah were becoming Ramin’s inspiration.


In 1977 at age 16, Ramin left Iran to England to pursue his high school education. During his stay in England, Ramin did not ride but created numerous motorcycle art work, using black ink and acrylic.

In 1979, at the brink of the Iranian revolution, after completing his high school, Ramin moved to the U.S. from England to continue his education at North Carolina State University. While academic pursuit seemed a solid reason, his true motivation for this move was to be part of the American Motocross era. There Ramin purchased his dream motorcycle: a 1980 Honda CR125 production bike made after Marty Smith’s prototype. He lived in a small room with two other roommates on the 5th floor of North Hall dormitory on NCSU’s campus and decided to keep his bike there too! After authorities discovered Ramin’s bike in his room, he was evicted from the dormitory for violating building safety code.


Inspired mainly by the European riders, starting at age 10, Ramin created numerous motorcycle art work using mainly pencil and pen on sketch paper. Most of his sketches were made out of his head and based on his recollection of images from scattered and rare publications.


  • MS Mechanical Engineering – California State University
  • BS Mechanical Engineering – North Carolina State University
  • High school – Bristol Technical College, UK
  • Middle School – Alborz, Tehran
  • Elementary School -Hadaf, Tehran


  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) – Research Engineer
  • Southern California Edison – Energy Efficiency Research Laboratory Manager