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Here at Long Beach BMW Motorcycles, we’re lucky to have a variety of unique and interesting customers. They may not ride the same bikes, or dress the same, or have the same professions, but they do have one thing in common: they all love to ride! We are kicking off our Customer Spotlight series with the very special and very talented Ramin Faramarzi!

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motoramin in the spotlight - BMW Long Beach Motorcycles

Ramin has been bringing his BMW motorcycles to us since 2014. He makes the 60-mile round trip ride from his home in Pacific Palisades so that our team of BMW Master Techs can perform routine services to ensure his machines continue to perform at the top level. We recently sat down to talk with Ramin about why he chooses to bring his bikes to our shop.

LBBMW: How did you first find out about Long Beach BMW Motorcycles?

Ramin: “Well when I bought my R NINET back in 2014, I couldn’t find anywhere nearby that I trusted to service it. Including the dealership, I purchased it from. I did my online research and found that LBBMWMOTO had great reviews on their customer service. I decided to ride down and see them for myself. I soon discovered the level of professionalism at LBBMWMOTO was outstanding! Their staff is so helpful and I always feel welcome when I come in. Owen B. is one of my favorite guys at the shop. He and I have exchanged plenty of riding stories in the last couple years.

When I purchased my R 1200 GS a year and a half ago, I knew I had to bring it in to show Owen. He’s giving me a lot of great riding tips. Now I won’t take either of my bikes anywhere else. I’ve referred many customers to LBBWMOTO and it’s my hope that I can direct all my friends to them!”

We love having Ramin in the shop! In fact, that’s how we discovered his not-so-secret talent. Over the last couple of years, Ramin has been creating beautiful works of moto-inspired art….all with just his fingertips. You heard that right! Ramin paints digitally by using his fingertip or occasionally a stylus on his iPad or iPhone. He has produced some incredible images, all with some carefully placed swipes.

LBBMW: “Tell us how you started creating your artwork.”

Ramin: “It actually started on accident! I was on my phone and in the notes app, was making a list. While I was in the app, I was playing around with pencils and doodles and started sketching. I was really getting into it and starting experimenting with colors and different lines. Once I got my hands on an iPad, I really got going. What’s so unique about my “paintings” – besides the medium I use to create them – is that I paint strictly from memory. I don’t go off of any photographs, instead, I paint straight from the heart. No model, just my mind. I love what I do, and I’ve been able to combine art and motorcycles into my #1 passion.”

Ramin himself is a self-taught impressionist artist, who has been around motorcycles practically his entire life. He studied mechanical engineering, but his soul has been continually inspired by nature and art. His sketches are driven by his memories of the motorcycle era of the 70’s and 80’s.

So what does Ramin have in store for his next work of art? Creating a custom t-shirt for Long Beach BMW Motorcycles! To learn more about Ramin’s story and to see all of his incredible artwork, visit his website at Thank you for sharing your story with us, Ramin! We look forward to creating something amazing with you soon!

motoramin in the spotlight - BMW Long Beach Motorcycles

motoramin in the spotlight - BMW Long Beach Motorcycles