Last week, I rode my BMW GS1200R on highway 1 from Pacific Palisades to Pacific Grove, roughly 350 miles.  The ride was fantastic.  Beautiful weather, amazing scenery and little historic towns on the way, which made it a complete package.

While there I found out about the Jameson’s Classic Motor Cycle Museum in downtown Pacific Grove.  One afternoon went to check it out. Surprisingly, it was more like a shop with many old bikes, pictures and memorabilia on its walls.  And it was closed!  I peeked through the window and saw many cool vintage bikes such as 1974 Maico 450, 1971 Yamaha MX 125, Bultaco, and Triumphs.  I was so bummed that couldn’t go in.  I decided to call the phone number on the door.  An old male voice answered.  Yes, this is Neil, he said.  He was the owner of the museum.   I explained to him where I was.  As soon as he learned I was in front of his museum, he asked me to walk around the block to the opposite side of the building.  Then look for the Cedar St Times, a local newspaper. Inside there should be a guy named Webster, he said.  Neil said Webster has the key to the museum and he would let me in.  Sure enough that’s what happened.  I spent close to two hours touching and smelling the bikes.  Spent most of my time around the 450 Maico factory prototype that was made for Brad Lackey, a motocross racing icon from the 70’s, with whom I have a picture when I was 17. I was taken back to my teenage years in Iran.  The smell of the pages of Motocross Action and Dirt Bike magazines.  All the riding memories.  I felt I was in a temple all by myself.  On my way out, I saw a rack of socks with motorcycle prints on them.  As a token of appreciation, picked a pair and took it to Webster to purchase.  He generously let me have it.  Then we talked for while about the history of those bikes and my motorcycle background.  We bonded well.  At the end, he also offered me a complimentary ticket to the Saturday race in Laguna Seca, which fully enriched the grand time I was having.

On the way back home My mind kept wondering on how our souls as humans can easily be connected as soon as we share our common love with one another.